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Propel@YH Boot Camp supports Norwegian innovation that combats overcrowding in hospitals.

20th September 2023

Smart Crowding started as an internal innovation project on Stavanger Teaching Hospital west in Norway, with the goal to create a better system and a plan of how to manage periods of high activity in A&E.

Today, Smart Crowding offers an innovative load management system and multi-criteria decision-support tool for healthcare professionals, with the goal to avoid overcrowding in hospitals, particularly in busy departments such as A&E.

Why the UK?

Smart Crowding was very keen to bring its solution the UK market to help solve the problem of overcrowding in hospitals, as this is one of the largest threats facing the NHS today. After doing some research and talking to the international collaboration hub the Norwegian Health Care Cluster, they applied for the Propel@YH Boot Camp.

Participation in the Propel@YH Boot Camp

The company joined the Nordic cohort, the second Boot Camp ran by the Propel@YH programme which is supported by the Department of International Trade, Barclays Eagle Labs, Nexus, University of Leeds, Hill Dickinson, Leeds City Council and Leeds Teaching Hospital NHS Trusts’ Innovation Pop Up.

This edition of the Propel@YH Boot Camp supported innovators from the Nordic region to bring their products to the UK healthcare market. Smart Crowding was amongst the eight successful small to medium sized enterprises (SMEs) selected to take part.

Along with other participants, the programme provided the company with five days of intensive support through a range of masterclasses, workshops and networking events, helping to develop their understanding of NHS government, finance and procurement frameworks, and clinical safety and supplier regulations. The programme also introduced them to key NHS stakeholders, connecting them with the right support to evaluate the value of their technology and suitability for the UK market.

How did the Propel@YH Boot Camp help?

Support from the Propel@YH International Boot Camp and Health Innovation Yorkshire & Humber has been instrumental in brokering the relationships and introductions necessary to support Smart Crowding in planning its UK Venture. The company has a good relationship with Nexus through the Propel@YH Boot Camp, making it even easier for it to establish a presence in the UK.

What’s next for Smart Crowding?

Smart Crowding is working to expand its network in Leeds and is looking to hire someone to represent the company in the UK from 2024.

With the introduction of the decision support tool in the UK, hospitals will be able to enhance their patient flow management and resource planning in busy periods so the right decisions can be made to operate efficiently and safely and reduce overcrowding, readmissions, the unnecessary use of services and increase patient satisfaction.

Thomas Ims, Business Developer, Smart Crowding said:

“We were very keen to join the Propel@YH Boot Camp programme and receive expert advice and guidance on how we could access the UK healthcare market. We made a lot of really useful connections and have a strong relationship with Nexus, which is assisting us in establishing a base in the region.”